The land where the house is located has a very steep slope and very interesting sea views. For this reason, the house is staggered along the slope, creating terraces and balconies that allow the creation of viewpoints and outdoor living areas.

It is a house with a high energy efficiency: the demand for energy is lowered with an optimal solar capture (the capturing openings are oriented to the South protected by porches that make a high capture in the Winter and protect from the summer sun) and also a level of thermal insulation of passive houses. The ventilation of the house is generated with a double flow duct system and heat recovery, this allows you to have a very clean air continuously without the energy losses caused by ventilation. The thermal installations have a very high performance, the aerothermal is used for underfloor heating and to heat the domestic hot water. Cooling is done by natural means, designing the house for optimal cross ventilation, ventilation by vertical stratification and automated awnings for sun protection.

The construction system for the vertical structure and façade finish is made of prefabricated load-bearing panels with double panel and interstitial insulation (the fastening between panels is made with a patented system that minimizes thermal bridges). The prefabricated construction, with a high definition of project and manufacture and high quality control in the factory, allows to control much better the work and the unforeseen that entails.

  • Architect:

    Pau Martínez Gargallo

  • Surface:

    242 m2

  • Budget:

    180.000 €

  • Year:


  • Location:

    Santa Susana, Girona

  • Photographs:

    Pau Martínez Gargallo