We find an apartment, which is on the corner with the square in the center of town. It is old and dilapidated and had been an office. The aim of the refurbishment is to adapt the place to a residential use, flexible and modern, with good natural lighting and spaces that allow you to perceive the spaciousness of the flat and have good views of the square.

To this end, a distribution is established that allows diagonal views to be opened, which give a broader perception of space. The distribution makes it easy for many of these spatial continuities to extend outward, giving a perception of connection to the environment.

The central circulation around a bookcase furniture allows you to have flexibility in the use of space. We can use the floor in two different parts without creating functional interference.

The noisy atmosphere of the adjoining square is solved with soundproofing by means of insulating transoms and appropriate carpentry and glass (light rigid carpentry and laminated glass with acoustic sheets). This allows the interior sound level to be lowered to comfortable standards even if the village festivities are held outside.

Living materials that change over time are used, concrete on the floor that allows you to see the waves of the application with wool, natural wood furniture of spruce plywood where the veins and knots of the wood can be seen.

  • Architect:

    Pau Martínez Gargallo

  • Surface:

    81 m2

  • Budget:

    40.000 €

  • Year:


  • Location:

    Sant Feliu de Llobregat

  • Photographs:

    Pau Martínez Gargallo