Preliminary project for the rehabilitation and refurbishment of a single-family home in Sant Feliu de Llobregat

The reform aims to improve the living conditions, health, accessibility and structural safety of pre-existing housing. Current living conditions are precarious: the bedrooms, living room and bathroom do not have adequate ventilation and natural lighting.

In general, the health of the home is precarious as the air renewal is poor, a factor aggravated by a lack of waterproofing of the floors in contact with the ground that favor a presence of excessive environmental humidity that produces surface condensation in facings and the appearance of fungi. The performance generates a central courtyard to which the rooms face, has an insulated and waterproof floor and creates a double flow ventilation system for healthy air.

The construction conditions of the building are bad and lead to a progressive constructive and structural deterioration of the building. Housing is made up of a heterogeneous set of building systems and poor resolutions of building details, the result of a successive addition of volumes typical of self-built suburban buildings. The action simplifies the volume and solves in an appropriate way the construction and structure of the building.

The accessibility of the house is complicated as there are steps of different sizes and slopes scattered by the accesses to the different rooms. The action concentrates the steps in strategic points and leaves the units of use on a single level, allowing a comfortable and better accessible use of the house.