The building has a low tower with three floors and a basement in the basement. The resolution of spaces
The main challenge in a reform in which the functional office program must be placed in a basement is natural light. This project has practically 1000 m2 that are developed in a basement. For this reason, two elements are identified that will be key in the distribution proposals and will condition all architectural decisions: two large skylights as the only sources of natural light.
In this basement floor, it is proposed that a large common space act as a distributor of natural light to the perimeter compartmentalized spaces. To this end, all the storage elements, in the form of partition cabinets, are oriented in a centrifugal direction with respect to this central space.
In the tower where we find the most representative functions of the company, the management, meeting rooms, etc. An oak cabinet with black vertical grooves is built that is surrounded by the rest of the rooms.

  • Architect:

    Pau Martínez Gargallo

  • Rigger:

    Jordi Arboix Salvadó

  • Surface:

    2134 m2

  • Budget:

    924.000 €

  • Year:


  • Location:

    Poblenou, Barcelona

  • Photographs:

    Jordi Muntal