The main building material of the B62 house is wood; This is one of the most sustainable and ecological building materials. The B62 house has a sober design, its geometry is a forceful and rigorous 12m x 12m square that contains a great richness and interior spatial variety. In just 100 square meters there are pergolas, porches, hallways, lattices and gardens. The façade is a skin of vertical wooden slats, whose opacity varies at certain points, forming lattices and at other points it is practicable as a grate or blind in the openings. The doors and sliding doors allow the square to be completely closed, turning the closed house into a construction with an abstract and enigmatic appearance, a prism of a homogeneous material and variable textures. The B62 house brings together the virtues that an isolated single-family home in a Mediterranean climate should have: cross ventilation, intermediate spaces, solar protection and ventilated skins.

  • Arquitecte:

    Pau Martínez Gargallo

  • Render
    Fireflies renders
  • Superfície:

    74 m2

  • Pressupost:

    108.000 €

  • Any:


  • Emplaçament:

    Qualsevol lloc

  • Col·laboradors:

    Sergi Sanz i Roger Sariol, arquitectes