Preliminary reform project on Consell de Cent street in Barcelona

Pre-existence: The intervention is carried out in a flat in the Eixample of Barcelona, in a house with a street façade and a small, very dark inner courtyard. We find a small house, with a distribution with corridors and very compartmentalized where only two rooms have natural light. These clear conditions will make you propose a project strategy that will also seek the visuals of the maximum dimensions of the floor and introduce natural light into the interior of the floor.

Reform: The performance clearly orders the program into two functional bands, a strip for common use (open living space, kitchen, dining room), and a strip for private use (enclosed spaces dedicated to bedrooms and bathroom). The private strip forms a lower compartmentalized block that, taking advantage of the high height of the ceilings, receives light through large glazed cards on the partition.




Scheme-Natural light

Scheme_Flexible compartmentalization of space