Garden city planning is a fabric of buildings surrounded by a garden in which the space built in front of the garden space predominates, which ends up being a narrow perimeter strip. Our project positivizes the unbuilt space, so that it constitutes three different courtyards that become the main spaces of the house. There will be an entrance courtyard, a service courtyard and a main courtyard.

The house is a twin between two strong prismatic volumes, one lower, where we find the parking program, access and kitchen and the other higher and larger where the rooms, the living room and the services are located. These two prisms have two large openings on their longest side that form two frames. The living room frame opens onto the widest part of the garden, the entrance frame opens onto the street onto a small driveway.

The main frame forms a powerful porch, one and a half meters long, which, perfectly oriented to the South, allows optimal solar capture.

The construction system of the facade is of SATE, external thermal insulation that allows to solve the facade with an alone leaf. The horizontal structure is of unidirectional slabs with exposed concrete vault and the vertical structure with load-bearing walls of brickwork. The facilities are seen and the transshipments are minimized. This allows for great budget restraint and high performance.

It is a house of high energy efficiency, with a very high level of thermal insulation (the facades are insulated with 15 cm of graphite polystyrene and the roofs with extruded polystyrene of 20 cm, the carpentry is 5-chamber PVC with reinforcement thermal, double laminated glass with low emissivity chamber) Ventilation facilities are a forced double flow system with heat recovery. The air conditioning system consists of a biomass boiler and a heat distribution through radiant floor. This makes it not only highly efficient but has the highest rating in the state certification procedure.

  • Architect:

    Pau Martínez Gargallo i Sergi Sanz Jiménez

  • Surveyor and construction manager:

    Jordi Arboix Salvadó

  • Surface:

    118 m2

  • Budget:

    120.000 €

  • Year:


  • Location:

    Ventalló, Girona

  • Photographs:

    Adrià Goula