Executive project single-family housing in Santa Susanna

We are finishing the executive project of a detached house in an urbanization of Santa Susanna, in the Maresme, on a very sloping plot with sea views.

The construction is of insulated concrete panels. It is a system similar to concrete sandwich panels but only has a function carrying the inner panel, the connection between panels is made by metal anchor parts that reduces thermal bridges and, most importantly, leaves the blade leading to the thermally insulated part. A type opening is designed with the outer curtain hidden in the headboard; the jambs and sills are made of black folded sheet metal. The openings thus appear as a dark, clean, sober cut on the clear, rusty surface of the concrete. In the encounter with the ground, only the inner panel is delivered with the ground, facilitating the necessary indentation to receive the layers of drainage and waterproofing, forming a dark plinth delimited by a line of shade.