Design strategies for a single-family home

Urban approach

In areas with garden city planning, the boundaries between public and private space are blunt and are almost always formalized by sordid fences that have no care in design. This type of urban fabric favors a very marked relationship of opposition between public and private space. The proposal proposes a fold at the boundary that gives rise to intermediate spaces between public space and private space, favoring a friendlier relationship between public and private space.


The occupation of the plot

Garden city planning is a fabric of buildings surrounded by a garden in which the space built in front of the garden space usually ends up predominating, which ends up being a narrow perimeter strip. Our project proposes to positivize the space not built, so that it constitutes three differentiated patios that become the main spaces of the house. There will be an entrance courtyard, a service courtyard and a main courtyard.

Figure 1. Urban fabric city garden, planning

Figure 2. Urban city garden fabric, proposal

Figure 3. Plot of occupation of the plot, according to the planning and according to the project

Figure 4. Ground floor

Figure 5. Patio configuration diagram

Figure 6. Spatial scheme